drinking and the peace bowl dont mix

hahaha, friday night we were at the peace bowl and i got flying tackled and fucked up my face on the cement, ive got all these fuckin gashes and shit and my nose is swollen as hell. i have no reccolection of how it happened but apparently it was the most savage thing ever

so i have to fucking make ny nose stop swelling now somehow

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the last week has been ridiculous.

i think buried in oblivion by into eternity is my new favorite album.

school is starting................fuck
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i think that that might have been the greatest thing vie seen in my entire life. hammerfall edguy and into eternity at studio seven was seriously more insane than ozzfest. i dont care what anyone says that was ridiculous. my brother got two toenails ripped off

whats goin down

in case anyone doesent know about whats been going on with me for the past few days. basically i got dumped on my ass for reasons i dont understand. i feel like i should be crushed and depressed not leaving my room but the reality of all this is i dont have the time. ive got too much other shit to go on to sit around moping. i need to get ready for the gig opening for therion, it hit me tonight that i could have a chance at sealing my fate as a musician at this very show. its kindof scareyif you think about it. i have no angry feelings towards becca because i still think she is a great person and i want nothing but the best for her because she deserves it as much as anyone else or more. i dont want anyone to worry about me or anything because i am fine and i will be fine.

were playing with therion at studio seven on the 30th

you can buy tickets here


this is the first show with the new lineup and i expect everyone to be there. its going to be awsome
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yestarday, today, and tonight all fucking blew nuts. i dont feel like going into details so im going to go to sleep. ask me for details
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becca tagged me so here i go

The rules are that you have to come up with 6 songs that mean a lot to you. Then you have to come up with 6 albums that also mean a lot to you. Then you tag 6 people to do it.


6 Songs:
Blind Guardian - Valhalla
Dragon Force – Once In a lifetime
Gamma Ray – Gardens of the Sinner
Iced Earth – I Died For You
Iron Maiden – Blood Brothers
Manowar – Carry On

6 Albums:
Hammerfall – Crimson Thunder
Dragon Force – Sonic Firestorm
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast
Night wish – Century Child
Manowar – Fighting The World
Pantera – Cowboys From Hell

I choose....

Angie (do you still read this?)
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ive been needing to get this one out for a while

yeah like the subject line said, this ones been wanting to get out for a while.

these past few years of my life have been heaven and hell. however theres two people that if they hadent come into my life i probly wouldent be the person i am today, or be alive to write this entry. one of you has stuck by my side through the best and worst times of my life and always been there to kick me in the ass when im about to do somthing retarted. you have always helped me laugh away all of the shit we got ourselves into. the second one of you has brought me the peace of mind and happieness i never thought possible. you have brought out a person in me i never thought i would ever see. you have brought me back from a hell that if i had stayed in for much longer i dont know what would have happened to me. thoughout the course of this year i have either become very distant or almost lost both of you and it really helped me realize how lucky i am to have both of you in my life. so i guess this is my thank you to you two. dont go changing on me, for the love of god please dont go changing on me

on another note, this is going to be the best summer ever for concerts. were getting stratovarius, overkill, hammerfall and edguy, black sabbath and iron maiden, preist and queenryche, motley crue, therion. oh wow this is going to rule.

EDIT: i forgot megadeth, dream theatre, nevermore, and symphony x
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